Thursday, August 26, 2010

Skype etiquette...skyptiquette?

David Hopkins' blog, Don't Waste Your Time, is one of my favourite resource-sharing blogs. His posts are always detailed, thoughtful and balanced, and he provides great links. He tends to deal with themes rather than having one-off posts. His latest post, on Skype etiquette, contains a link to a great video which will strike a chord with anyone who  has accidentally hit the enter button mid-message (watch below if you don't feel like clicking through to the blog itself).

The blog itself struck a chord with me because I haven't trained myself to ignore comfortably the skype ring, and I am occasionally ambushed online at an inappropriate time, such as during a training session, by a call from the other side of the world. And boy, are some people persistent! If only they'd get the message and hang up after 4 rings! My other issue with skype is to do with the webcam... we have it set up so that the kidlets can stay in touch with family and friends in South Africa, but I always find myself frantically checking what I (and the room behind me) look like before I hit answer!


  1. That's pretty funny Jean - we must be on the same wave length. I have half a blog post written citing David Hopkin's post! Just when I thought I was being original.

  2. Isn't that wonderful - it's a great illustration of the speed of ideas and information! Would love to read your post anyway - always good to have an new view, even if it's an old topic!

  3. I have exactly thr same problems Jean. I know I can set my status to 'away' or 'do not disturb' but I never get around to it. Someone I know has put by his name 'please text me before you call' - I think that is a good idea