Sunday, September 26, 2010

Getting networked!

I am one of those people who haven't really been inspired by LinkedIn. Quite frankly, keeping up to date on my blog is challenging enough, never mind maintaining  Fb and Twitter accounts! LinkedIn really has fallen by the wayside for me. However, by pure coincidence, I think getting into Twitter has solved my problem! I have discovered that Tweetdeck allows me to consolidate my Twitter, Fb and LinkedIn accounts in one place. Whohoo. No doubt I'm the last person on the planet to figure this out, but I got there in the end. So over the next few weeks, I'll pay more attention to LinkedIn. Hopefully those people (including my Canadian cousin, whom I last saw in 1987) who I see tried to link to me and whom I have so rudely ignored, will forgive me!

Twitter in itself has been interesting. Joyce Seitzinger, e-learning guru at EIT (@catspyjamasnz ) sung its praises at e-fest last year, and so I made an attempt to understand it, but I just didn't 'get it'. Too much trivia. So I closed my Twitter account and remained terribly superior and disengaged. Now, partly as a result of the FOC 2010 course (thanks, Sarah), and partly as a result of David Hopkins (@hopkinsdavid), who proclaimed that using Twitter was like sitting next to the smart kid in class, I'm having another go (@jeanjacoby). And I'm finding it remarkably different. There seems to be much less of the info-babble, and a lot more useful information. Has Twitter changed, or am I just getting better at picking people to follow? I've had some good guidance from the FOC course, and from Donna Thompson (@donnathompson) at UCOL, so it might be the latter...I'm not sure. I'd love to hear from established Tweeters... has Twitter become more useful?


  1. What Twitter has done for me:

  2. Interesting post.

    I've had a Twitter account for the past 2 years, but over the past week have only just started getting into it. Like you, I couldn't figure it out, who to follow and pretty much what is acceptable to post on Twitter.

    I must say, that over this week, I like Twitter much more than Facebook. Only a couple of people from my FB f-list know my Twitter account, and it is nice to get away from all of that FB drama.

    I like the fact that no one can 'like' a post or have 3835672 comments underneath it. I like the simple interface of it.

    I'm still finding my feet on Twitter, but it has certainly helped with my Facebook addiction. Long live Twitter!!!! :-P

  3. Hi Jean

    I have been on Twitter for around 2 years & find it very useful for keeping up with global education issues and ideas. It has also given me the opportunity to participate and present globally. For someone who lives and works in rural Western Australia (with few opportunites to attend even Australian conferences) that is hugely significant.

    I'm not sure that Twitter has changed much I think that you are right in your second option and that you have got better, not necessarily just at choosing who to follow but at filtering out that which you don't want. Or possibly it is just that huge contrast with the higher degree of trivia on FB?

    Like you I didn't get it at first - it took me a couple of months and I took great care to grow my network only slowly. I am very choosy and manage my network - I don't always follow back and I also block and report for spam.

    I feel very strongly that Twitter is what you make it and what you want it to be for you! For me it is a major part of my PLN, but also for me the social interaction that occurs is very important. I know some people feel negative about social tweets eg about food or humour, however we make social small talk and enjoy humour, with our face-to-face colleagues and for me personally Twitter is no different. In my opinion the social interaction both "oils the wheels" and "cements" the professional relationship. I know that the people I have the strongest Twitter relationship with are those with whom I have socialised and/or shared humour. The great thing is that we always have the option to unfollow or to block, or just ignore the tweets that don't interest us.

    In our regular webinars on Fridays we have talked of different aspects of Twitter several times. I usually post overviews and recording links for these webinars on my blog

    Jo Hart

  4. Hi Jean
    I finally discovered Twitter last year and these were my early thoughts on it

    I quickly became hooked preferring it as a professional interest tool rather than Facebook which I use socially. I then became overwhelmed as I was spending hours 'having to keep up with Twitter' so gave up for a while and then reverted to reading it occasionally but not contributing.

    I have just discovered a wonderful ipad app called Flipbook and it has made Twitter lots of fun and easy to use again so my interest has once more been renewed.

    I do think it is great at opening up sources of information available professionally and as long as you keep picking and choosing who to follow, and find apps such as Tweetdeck or Flipbook to help manage your use of it, it really is a valuable tool.

    Afterall @SarahStewart 's tweet prompted me to read your blog and respond. I may even revive my own pathetic attempt at blogging :)

    I also enjoy the mix of professional with personal comments as these provide a more human face to those that you choose to follow :)

    Have fun exploring Twitter further

    Heather Day

  5. I think Twitter is a part of corporate learning solutions just like forums are. In making tweets, replies are more immediate and the thread of conversation is visible for your network of friends

  6. Thanks to all of you for these comments - I think Twitter has been my greatest conversion since joining FOC2010. Still lots to learn, so I really appreciate the detailed feedback from all of you!

  7. It's good to hear that I am not the only person who does not 'get' Twitter, but also encouraging to know that if, like you, I persevere I may start to understand it more and find it more useful! Unfortunately the event that I attended in Twitter recently for FO didn't work well for me, and I left feeling unconvinced about its worth in being used in this way. I do plan to go back to the site soon and have more of a play and hopefully be more convinced.