Friday, July 2, 2010

Facilitating online

I have just signed up for Sarah Stewart's Facilitating online course which starts later this month. I had intended to do it last year but we all know about the road to hell and good intentions! Anyway, hopefully I'll get myself more organised this time around. I'm looking forward to being forced (although that's probably too strong a word) to reflect on online learning in a slightly more formalised manner, and I'm equally looking forward to meeting other people involved in online education and learning from them. As an instructional designer I spend much of my time developing materials for online delivery, and it will be wonderful to think more deeply about how to facilitate the delivery of these more effectively. Although I love e-learning, it's a world that I landed in almost by accident, and much of what I do is based on feel or instinct, rather than any sound theory!


  1. Hi Jean, great to have you here and learn from your experiences, tips and advice. What do you feel is the greatest issue that faces you that you'd like to address during this course?

  2. Hello Jean, just dropping by to introduce myself and say hi! I'm doing the online course too. See you in the field! warmly, Carolyn

  3. Jean Jacoby!!! There will be no "forcing" on this course!! Wash your mouth out with soap! LOL

    Seriously, I am really looking forward to chatting further and sharing ideas. It will be great to hear what you're up to in your institution.

  4. Hi Jean, I too am on the course. I like the layout and information that you have added to your blog, it is much more developed than mine. But I am still learning. I look forward to hearing more about your work and ideas on facilitation as the course goes on.
    Kind regards

  5. Hi Jean
    Great to read your post, and to learn about your experience. Looking forward to meeting you online during the course.